Chris Cho’s study guides include every fact, pattern, and strategy worth learning to empower students to dominate these exams.

Our students say

I am taking CHO classes now and the things I am learning in class, in combination with this book, are giving me many great ideas and tips that I did not know before. I think CHO's knowledge of the tests and the various techniques in his book are going to help me do well and I am feeling much more confident about taking the test soon. It's been really helpful so far!
After reading this book, I learned many new strategies for taking the test. It definitely gave me the confidence I was looking for.
Prior to reading this book, I never knew any tricks to guiding myself around the SAT. I was never too sharp in my test taking skills, and I’m glad to say that this book has helped me tremendously. I would definitely recommend this book to people that would like to know more about how the SAT works and who would like to know how to guide yourself around it.
The book definitely helped me feel more confident and prepared me for the SAT. I would definitely recommend this book if you are trying to score higher on SATs.