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Chris Cho is an unparalleled authority within the test preparation industry and is the Founder of Cho Educators, the top SAT and ACT resource in Holmdel, New Jersey. He writes, teaches and adapts his own curriculum and has been leading students to “crush” the SAT and ACT for almost two decades. What he teaches, he proves he can do himself by taking live exams. His seemingly limitless passion is fueled by his students. By authoring Learning to Speak SAT and Learning to Speak ACT, Chris has made his mission clear: empower his students by showing them that they can choose to work hard enough to control their own test taking fates. The philosophies Chris lives by, like "No off days", he brings into his classroom and workshops. Exceptionally rigorous standardized tests require a consciously focused mentality that Chris models in every lesson that he is privileged to teach.

Chris Cho spoke at a TEDx event about the SAT’s Real Mission. Check it out below!

Coming Soon!

Chris Cho is always working to keep his guides up-to-date with the latest changes coming from the test makers. He is currently working on more guides for other common exams (LSAT, GRE, GMAT, College Application Essays, etc) Stay tuned for updates on the next upcoming releases!

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