SAT & ACT Workshops

Chris Cho’s SAT & ACT workshops are designed to simulate all of the realities and rigors of the real exams. Each workshop covers either the SAT or the ACT and runs for 4 hours. Utilizing the study guide LTSS/LTSA attendees will learn every fact, pattern, and strategy worth knowing about the exam. These workshops are designed for students of all skill levels and at all stages of the test preparation journey. Students leave a workshop feeling empowered with a full sense of how to use their copy of LTSS/LTSA to its fullest potential.

Check out the clips below from past Workshops!

Professional Development Seminars

Allow Chris Cho to demystify the SAT and ACT process for your staff. 

Unparalleled Authority

Chris Cho is an unparalleled authority in the realm of SAT and ACT preparation. 

Control the Exam

When it comes to the beating the SAT and the ACT, it is about cultivating awareness of how the exams are crafted. Students studying with LTSS or LTSA learn how to take control of patterns in the exams.

Test Day Walkthrough

Walk through the exam, section by section with Chris Cho. Analyze the exam and learn to recognize patterns.

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